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The DirectorPrep Questions App

Exclusive access to the Questions App, a fast and powerful tool to search a database of great questions for the boardroom. Questions include links to definitions and external resources, as well as examples of how to use them in a typical boardroom setting. Plus the app features a downloadable PREP Guide and a quick copy function.

The Resource Hub

Access the DirectorPrep Resource Hub right from your membership page. Find great suggestions for books, websites, blogs, podcasts and social media feeds. And we'll let you know when we add fresh content for you to explore.

Guides, Tools, Checklists and Questions

Access to all of our DirectorPrep guides, checklists and tools, as well as our Ten Great Questions series, featuring questions on key topics like strategy, risk and decision-making. We'll keep your personal DirectorPrep library up-to-date and let you know when there's fresh content.

The Savvy Director

Links to all our Savvy Director content, including the weekly blog and The Savvy Director Framework, right from your membership page. We'll automatically add new content and let you know when we've done so.

DirectorPrep Online Courses

Enjoy member pricing on our online courses - a cost-effective, efficient way to forge your path to being a savvy director. Courses are broken down into manageable lessons, so you can go at your own pace. DirectorPrep co-founder Scott Baldwin guides you through each video lesson, while downloadable transcripts, reference material and tools enhance your learning.

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