Board Director 101
Course Overview


Who is Board Director 101 for?

This course is right for you if …

  • … you’re excited about a new board appointment and eager to become a really effective board director.
  • … you’re new to board work and you’re feeling unsure of how to get started.
  • ... you want to proactively learn what you need to know from the get-go.
  • ... you want to develop the skills, habits and behavior that will set you up to make an impact on your board.
  • ... you want to learn at your own pace, at the time and place that works best for you.

Your Success Path


You want to make an impact on your board. Why else would you be there?

From getting on a board to making an impact is a path - a success path.

And the four modules in this Board Director 101 course will guide you along that pathway.

Each time you complete a course module, you'll have reached one of these milestones along your success path.

What's Inside the Board Director 101 Course?

The DirectorPrep Board Director 101 course will guide you through four learning modules. You'll learn about the role of the board, how it operates, and your responsibilities as a director.

But your learning won't stop there!

This course will also introduce you to the skills, habits and behavior that will set you up to be a really effective director - one who makes a positive impact on their board.

Module 1 - Understand Board Governance Fundamentals

This module is your introduction to board governance - what is it and why is it important? You’ll discover how good board governance can set the right tone for an entire organization.

  • You’ll learn about the board's stewardship role and its key responsibilities.
  • We’ll cover the board's legal responsibilities and the need to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We’ll drill down into how board directors can protect themselves from legal liability.
  • And finally, you’ll get a view into the forces that are driving change in the world of board governance.

Module 2 - Engage in the Work of the Board

Where Module 1 was all about what a board is, in Module 2 you’ll learn about how a board does its work. We’ll cover the board's structure and key functions, as well as how to build and sustain an effective board.

  • You’ll learn about the important documents that guide the board, the function of different board roles, and what committees do, 
  • We’ll cover how board meetings are run, whether in person or virtually, and the importance of good group dynamics.
  • You’ll learn how effective boards are built with good director recruitment practices.
  • We’ll provide you with the key practices that sustain an effective board - practices like onboarding, succession planning, and board evaluation.

Module 3 - Perform the Work of a Director

In Module 3, we'll narrow our focus from the board as a whole to the individual director. We'll really dig into the details of what the board director's job consists of. 

  • First, we’ll discuss the challenges that confront all board directors - and many of them struggle with.
  • Next up, you’ll learn what we call 'The Director's Mindset.' Hint: it's not about doing, it's about thinking.
  • We’ll provide some guidance from the experts that we call 'The Four Lines of Sight' - oversight, insight, foresight and hindsight.
  • And finally, we’ll spend some time on the areas where a director really needs to focus - strategy, people, finance and risk.

Module 4 - Impact Your Board

Module 4 will provide you with the tools and habits to really make an impact on your board.

  • First, we’ll cover what it takes to be an effective director - how do you add value to the board?
  • Next up, you’ll learn what it takes to be ready for your board meetings - a repeatable process for preparation.
  • Then we'll go over some communication guidelines on making valuable contributions to board discussions.
  • And finally, we’ll spend time on the role of good questions in the boardroom - what to ask and how to ask it so you can make the impact you want. 

When you enroll in Board Director 101, you'll get all this:

  • DirectorPrep Co-founder Scott Baldwin will guide you through each video lesson.
  • Downloadable Video Transcripts and Slide Decks for each lesson.
  • Reference Material for each module, so you can dig deeper into the topics that interest you.

All this will automatically become available to you in your personal DirectorPrep Library once you enroll in the Board Director 101 course.

You can start the course any time, and work through it at your own pace. And you can access the course materials at any time and place that's convenient for you.

Board Director 101

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