A DIY Onboarding Program for Board Directors

New to the boardroom? Not every board offers a robust orientation program for new directors. This course shows you how to take charge of your own onboarding.

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Take Charge of Your Own Board Orientation

Be confident about what you need to know and how to go about finding it.


Make meaningful contributions early on in your board tenure.


Build a strong foundation for your governance success path.


About This Course

The DirectorPrep DIY Onboarding course will guide you through three learning modules.

Building Blocks - the four subject areas where you need to focus your attention.

Taking Charge - the five methods to access the information you need to hone your governance skills.

Governance at a Glance - basic information about the board's role, its legal duties, directors' responsibilities, and legal liabilities.

In addition to online video lessons, you'll have access to downloadable transcripts, reference material, and tools to enhance your learning.

Buy the DIY Onboarding Course Now