About ChatDPQ‚ĄĘ

An AI-powered tool designed specifically for board directors.

ChatDPQ‚ĄĘ provides easy, time-saving access to high-quality insights on anything to do with boards and board work.

Exclusively for DirectorPrep members.

Custom-Designed for Board Directors


More than just a resource.

Think of ChatDPQ‚ĄĘ as a guide to help you be the best director you can be.
Based on your prompts, ChatDPQ generates ideas, suggests questions, provides insights, defines terms, and offers explanations.
It does all this with the specific needs of the board director in mind.
And because it's AI-powered, ChatDPQ just keeps learning.
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Meet ChatDPQ‚ĄĘ.

Your virtual board buddy.


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With the help of ChatDPQ‚ĄĘ, you can ...

Ask great questions

Be the director with the kind of questions that get to the heart of the matter and help the board move forward.

Clarify information and challenge assumptions by asking clear, compelling questions.

Fulfill your fiduciary duty with probing questions that satisfy the board's oversight responsibilities.

Pose thought-provoking questions to encourage dialogue and debate without being confrontational.

Frame questions in a way that's respectful, collaborative, and constructive.

See with your own eyes

Be the director who's known as a team player without being a doormat.

Gather your own information and form your own views rather than relying on the opinions of others.

Question assumptions and raise concerns about issues that others haven't considered.

Feed your curiosity by prompting ChatDPQ for information that's more specific or relevant to your industry.

Build your knowledge 

Be the director with a solid understanding of the board's role and a director's duties.

Dig into the structure and functions of an effective board.

Access information about your industry's regulatory environment.

Get ideas for board policies and other key documents.

Learn about current trends in board governance.

Be ready for anything

Be the director who anticipates objections to a contentious proposal and knows how to respond.

Research topics on your next meeting agenda.

Prepare your questions, comments, and concerns in advance of the meeting.

Feel confident ‚ÄĒ ready to¬† add value to your board with meaningful contributions to key discussions.¬†


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