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Got questions about the board's role and your duties as a director? That's where our practical, down-to-earth DirectorPrep Guides come in. 

Ready for more challenging, issue-focused content? You'll find a Savvy Director Guide to fit the bill.

DirectorPrep and Savvy Director Guides at your fingertips in your personal library.

DirectorPrep Guides

Accessible resources to help you master your director role.

There's a lot to know about being a board director. Wouldn't it be great to have access to practical, concise resources that help you wrap your head around what's expected of you? DirectorPrep Guides like The Work of a Board Director and The Art of Asking Questions are just the ticket!

DirectorPrep tools like the Virtual Meeting Checklist and the Board Orientation Checklist are handy reminders of the practices that will make you shine. 

And the Individual Director Self-Evaluation helps you gauge your progress along your governance journey.

Access all of these - and more - anytime as a DirectorPrep member.

Savvy Director Guides

Selected blog posts reimagined as downloadable guides.

Readers love our Savvy Director blog posts.

So we've taken our most popular - and practical - posts on topics such as Boardroom Conflict, ESG, and Preparing for a Board Interview, and re-imagined them as downloadable, printable guides for you to use and distribute however you wish.

Each Savvy Director Guide has an accompanying Discussion Guide or Reflection Guide to enhance its value to you.

DirectorPrep members have access to all our Savvy Director Guides, right in their personal DirectorPrep library.

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"Whether you’re new to the board table or have years of board experience, DirectorPrep has got you covered. It’s chock full of proven, practical and easy-to-use resources and tools that work."

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Former Board Chair, St.Amant

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