DirectorPrep Guides

You've got questions about the role of the board and your duties as a director. Now you need some answers. 

That's where DirectorPrep Guides come in. 

Practical, down-to-earth tools and resources to ease your governance journey.

DirectorPrep resources at your fingertips in your personal library.

DirectorPrep Guides

Accessible resources to help you master your director role.

There's a lot to know about being a board director.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to a few practical, concise resources that help you wrap your head around what's expected of you?

DirectorPrep Guides like The Work of a Board Director, Board Meeting Rules of Order, and The Art of Asking Questions are just the ticket!

Access them anytime as a DirectorPrep member.

Tools and Checklists

Tools to help you advance on your governance journey.

You've embarked on your governance journey but you sure could use some help along the way.

DirectorPrep Checklists help fill the gap. They're handy reminders of the practices that will make you shine. Our Virtual Meeting Checklist and Board Orientation Checklist are just two examples.

And DirectorPrep Tools like the Individual Director Self-Evaluation help you gauge your progress along the journey.

Access them anytime as a DirectorPrep member.


Ten Great Questions

Questions to help you prepare for your board meeting.

When things get difficult in the boardroom, there’s a lot to be said for the way the right questions can open up a positive dialogue.

That’s why DirectorPrep is obsessed with questions.

We've distilled some of our best questions into our downloadable Ten Great Questions series. 

As a DirectorPrep member, you can check them out anytime for some quick inspiration.

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"Whether you’re new to the board table or have years of board experience, DirectorPrep has got you covered. It’s chock full of proven, practical and easy-to-use resources and tools that work."

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