What We Do

At DirectorPrep.com, we are focused on only one thing - helping you get ready to fulfill your role at the board table.

Whether your board meeting is in-person or virtual, we want to ensure you feel competent, confident, and eager to get going each time you sit down to engage with your fellow board directors.

We help you build your governance skills, prepare for meetings, and ask great questions in the boardroom.

Build Your Governance Skills

You can't be a savvy director until you have a solid understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a board of directors, and of your own duties as a director.

You need to know how your board is structured and how it functions. You need a good grasp of what's expected of you and how you can contribute. And you need to stay on top of governance trends and how they could affect your board.

At DirectorPrep, we give you quick and easy access to all sorts of great resources – from books to blogs and everything in between. Check out the DirectorPrep Resource Hub now.

We delve into governance basics and current trends in our blog series, The Savvy Director™. Why not subscribe? Check out this blog post on governance models, “How do I vote?”

We offer online courses, a cost effective and efficient way to build your governance skills.  Check out DirectorPrep online courses for our current offerings.

Prepare for Meetings

Preparation is the key to success in the boardroom.

With the right kind of preparation, you'll feel confident and ready to contribute to discussions and influence board decisions. It all comes down to following a repeatable process - and making a habit of it.

DirectorPrep has developed the PREP Framework, a simple process you can repeat in the lead-up to your board meeting. Check out our PREP for Success page now for a link to the framework.

We’ve got other tools to help you, like a Readiness Checklist to help make sure you are in the right head space for your meeting. The link is on our PREP for Success page.

We discuss board preparation in our Savvy Director™ blog. Check out this blog post, “The board package just arrived. And it looks BIG.” for prep tips from experienced directors.

Ask Great Questions

By asking clear, compelling questions, you can make a significant contribution to discussions and influence board decisions.

When things get difficult in the boardroom, there’s a lot to be said for the way the right questions can open up positive dialogue. That’s why DirectorPrep.com is obsessed by questions.

We’ve distilled some of our best questions into downloadable Ten Great Questions resources. For example, check out our Power of Questions page now for a link to “Ten Great Questions about Risk”.

We explore the value of questions in our Savvy Director blog. Check out our post, “Long Live the King” for some useful questions to ask about your organization’s financial situation.

DirectorPrep Membership

With DirectorPrep Membership, you'll have access to ChatDPQ™

ChatDPQ is a customized, AI-powered board resource tool, designed exclusively for DirectorPrep members. Think of ChatDPQ as your virtual boardroom buddy and a responsible AI Copilot.

ChatDPQ is for board directors who want easy, time-saving access to high-quality insights on anything to do with boards and board work. Use it to help generate great questions for your next board meeting.

Purpose-built for directors like you, ChatDPQ makes it possible to enjoy the kind of two-way conversation you'd like to have with a fellow director before your next board meeting. 

With your membership, you'll also get access to Savvy Director Guides and member pricing on DirectorPrep courses.

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