About DirectorPrep

DirectorPrep.com is here to help board directors, like you, access resources, prepare for board meetings, and ask the kind of questions that lead to robust discussion around the board table.

Let DirectorPrep be your guide on the governance journey from joining a board to being a savvy director.

If you are setting off on a path to being a savvy director, then DirectorPrep can help guide you.

Why DirectorPrep?

In his work advising boards and mentoring board directors, DirectorPrep co-founder Scott Baldwin was struck by how often a new director would say, "This huge package of board material just arrived. It looks BIG. What am I actually supposed to do with it?"

Despite board orientations and onboarding programs, they were still not clear on how to get ready for their first board meeting and what to do when they got there.

And he found there was not much specifically designed for individual directors to prepare for their own role at the board table. Sure, there were experts to provide advice and training to boards and committees. And there were books and other resources on board governance, structure, processes and compliance. But little for the individual director.

So, we created DirectorPrep.com to be a resource for helping individual directors prepare for board meetings. Our goal is to become your indispensable hub for board director preparation and connection.

Regardless of whether you serve on a for-profit or a not-for-profit board, and whether your organization is small, large, or any size in between, DirectorPrep can help you get ready for your next board meeting. Our resources are at your fingertips, on the device of your choice.

You can learn more about What We Do here.
You can learn more about the team behind DirectorPrep here.

Your Governance Journey

Becoming a savvy director starts with the first step down the path - your success path.

Sure, you'll have to build your skills and acquire board experience to reach your destination. But most of all, you'll have to develop the right habits.

Savvy directors' key habits include building their governance skills, preparing for board meetings, and asking great questions. DirectorPrep is laser focused on helping you to develop those key habits.

So, if you're interested in setting off on the journey to be a savvy director, we hope you'll let DirectorPrep be your guide. We're confident your satisfaction with board work will improve if you choose to run the miles, do the work, and develop the habits.

Learn more about  The Six Key Habits of The Savvy Director.



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