PREP for Success

Preparation is the key to success in the boardroom. DirectorPrep is here to help you - the individual board director - be ready for your next board meeting.

Being ready brings with it a state of energy and anticipation. When you are really well-prepared, you can feel confident and ready.

Being ready for your board meeting all comes down to following a repeatable process.

Ready for Success in the Boardroom?

So the board package has arrived - the agenda, the minutes of the last meeting, management reports, financial statements, key metrics, scorecards, charts and statistics, proposals, etc. And it looks BIG!

Now what? How exactly do you prepare for the upcoming meeting?

For you, the individual board member, being ready all comes down to following a process. This process is captured in our PREP Framework

Download the PREP Framework

PREP for Success

Your satisfaction as a board director, whether on a not-for-profit or for-profit board, is directly correlated to the quality of your preparation before you arrive at the meeting.

Knowing you have done the work ahead of time to preview the material, read it in detail, establish some questions and pick your priorities goes a long way to being more than prepared for the meeting. It’s about knowing you are ready for the meeting. Ready to participate fully.

Read more in The Savvy Director Blog about PREP for Success.

Ready for Your Board Meeting?

Before the meeting, ask yourself some readiness questions from our Readiness Checklist. Even the most seasoned directors find it valuable to review questions like these to ensure they are in the right head space going into a board meeting.

Download the Readiness Checklist

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ChatDPQ is a customized, AI-powered board resource tool, designed exclusively for DirectorPrep members.

Think of ChatDPQ as your virtual boardroom buddy and a responsible AI Copilot. Use it to help generate great questions for your next board meeting.

ChatDPQ is for board directors who want easy, time-saving access to high-quality insights on anything to do with boards and board work.

Purpose-built for directors like you, ChatDPQ makes it possible to enjoy the kind of two-way conversation you'd like to have with a fellow director before your next board meeting. 

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