The Savvy Director


The word denotes someone with common sense and good judgment. Someone with savoir faire.

It's not something you go to school for. And it doesn't come with credentials.

But you know a Savvy Director when you see one. They're the one who inspires their board with that perfect question. 

Develop the habits to be a really effective director.

Who is The Savvy Director?

The Savvy Director is an ideal, an aspiration. It's who each of us hopes to become when we start out on our governance journey.

Savvy Directors know about more than just governance. They understand that being on a board of directors is all about people - how they think, behave and interact in the boardroom.

Savvy Directors add real value to their boards. They're known as thoughtful, wise. and courageous. That's why they're sought out to serve on the board of their dreams.

Becoming a Savvy Director starts with gaining knowledge, building skills and acquiring experience. Along the way, you'll find you need to develop some key habits.

The Six Key Habits of the Savvy Director

Build Governance Skills. Understand the board’s role and your director responsibilities.

Prepare for Meetings. Arrive ready to add real value to board discussions.

Ask Great Questions. Help the board move forward with powerful questions.

Collaborate with Others. Treat the board and management with respect.

Think Independently. See with your own eyes. Challenge the status quo.

Demonstrate Courage. Do the right thing for the right reasons.

The Savvy Director Blog

A weekly dive into the board governance landscape.

The Savvy Director blog is a place to engage on board governance topics with DirectorPrep co-founder Scott Baldwin. 

Our blog is a great companion as you travel the path to being a Savvy Director, no matter the size of the organization you serve,

As a DirectorPrep member, you've joined the global community of directors who read The Savvy Director blog for timely, thought-provoking content about board issues and directors' challenges.

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Savvy Director Guides

Selected blog posts re-imagined as downloadable guides.

Readers love our Savvy Director blog posts.

So we've taken our most popular - and practical - posts on topics such as Boardroom Conflict, ESG, and Preparing for a Board Interview, and re-imagined them as downloadable, printable guides for you to use and distribute however you wish.

Each Savvy Director Guide has an accompanying Discussion Guide or Reflection Guide to enhance its value to you.

As a DirectorPrep member, you have access to all our Savvy Director Guides, right in your personal DirectorPrep library. 


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