The DirectorPrep Questions App

What if you didn't have to worry about coming up with great questions for your board meeting?

The DirectorPrep Questions App is here to let you find just the right question to elevate the discussion around your board table.

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DirectorPrep Questions App (DQA)


Leverage your curiosity with our DQA - the DirectorPrep Questions App.

Why Questions?

What is the best way to make a meaningful contribution to your board?
Asking powerful, thought-provoking questions!

Questions don't just keep the conversation going. They also help you clarify information, launch meaningful discussions about important topics, and challenge assumptions.  

Arriving at your meeting with well-prepared questions in tow helps you feel confident, eager, and ready to contribute.

And by asking thought-provoking questions, you encourage dialogue and debate - all without being confrontational about it!

What is the DirectorPrep Questions App?

The DQA is a fast and powerful tool for board directors. With easy access on any device, you can use the app to inspire you, prompt ideas, and uncover hidden issues. 

Here's how the DQA can help you.

  • The downloadable PREP Guide walks you through a consistent process for preparing for board meetings.
  • The searchable Questions Database allows you to find great questions that you can tweak for your own use.
  • The Common Vocabulary provides definitions for terms commonly used in the boardroom.
  • Links to external Resources give you access to expert content for today's hottest boardroom issues.

The PREP Guide

The PREP Guide is designed to help you get ready for your board meeting.

It walks you through a consistent process to review the board material, think about your priorities, and use the DQA to identify potential questions in key areas,

Then the PREP Guide guides you in picking the very best questions to ask at your board meeting.

Three Ways to Search

Use the DQA’s fast, powerful search functions and find great questions. 

  1. Searching by category is an efficient way to conduct a tight search in a specific area. 
  2. A tag search is useful when you’re not quite sure what you’re after, and you need some inspiration. 
  3. A word search delivers every question that contains that word or phrase. 

Even More Value ...

Click on any question in the DQA to reveal even more resources. You'll find:

  1. Examples of when and how to use the question (but don’t let that limit you!)
  2. Links to definitions in the Common Vocabulary,
  3. Links to external resources relevant to the question.
  4. A copy icon so you can copy the question and all its contents to another document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are a DirectorPrep member, you'll be able to access the DQA from the membership page in your personal DirectorPrep Library and install it on all your devices (phone, tablet, laptop.)

Yes the DQA can be used on any device across any platform. It works on iPhones, Android phones, iPads and Android tablets, and laptop and desktop PC's and Macs.

The DQA database is on a secure server that follows the latest internet standards. The majority of the information exists within the DirectorPrep DQA service. When you click on a link to an external resource, you'll be notified and given the option to proceed or not.

Yes! And DQA's copy icon makes it easy to copy questions you'd like to use and paste them to a document or into your board portal application.

That's because the answers are board-specific. The answers that work for one board would be all wrong for another. If you serve on more than one board, you'll notice that each one would answer the same question in a different way.

Besides, many of the questions in the DQA don't have answers. Their purpose is not to generate a single response, but to spark ideas, challenge assumptions, and elevate the discussion.

Some of the questions come from DirectorPrep's three co-founders. These are questions we've asked, or wished we'd asked, or heard other directors ask in boardrooms.

Other questions come from DirectorPrep members. By taking a look at DQA searches, we can find out what kinds of questions are on the mind of our members. Readers of our Savvy Director blog also send us questions.

But the majority of DQA questions come from material published by governance experts and curated by DirectorPrep. We monitor blogs, podcasts, websites, books, and periodicals. Then you benefit from all that wisdom through the power of the DQA. Check out our Resource Hub for some of the resources we curate for you.

"Like a Swiss Army knife when you're camping, it's an impressive tool, at your fingertips, giving you a springboard to thinking and sharp questions. For planning - and situations you weren't planning on."

Brian Hayward
Chair, Cerebra Health

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You'll be able to access the database to zero in on questions that will help you elevate any boardroom discussion.

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