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The Savvy Director™

Subscribe to The Savvy Director™ blog for a weekly dive into the board governance landscape with™ founder Scott Baldwin. It's a place to engage on board governance topics as you travel the path to being a savvy director. 

If you're interested in upping your game at the board table, no matter the size of your board or the type of organization you serve, follow the link below and subscribe to receive a weekly link right in your email inbox.

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This section lists blogs.



The African American Board Leadership Institute strengthens nonprofit, public and private organizations through recruiting, preparing and assisting with the placement of African Americans on governing boards. The organization provides leadership development, resources and placements.

Read the AABLI Blog

Board Intelligence Blog

Board Intelligence is a provider of board portal software. Their website offers a blog as well as news, interviews and white papers.

Read the Board Intelligence Blog

BoardSource Blog

BoardSource is the go-to resource for nonprofit boards and a leader in the field of nonprofit governance. It offers tools, seminars, resources, guidance, coaching, and consulting services.

Read the BoardSource Blog

The Point 

The Point is a blog published by Directorpoint, a provider of board portal software. Their website offers white papers and a blog with a range of topics relevant to board governance.

Read The Point


Effectiviology is a website about psychology and philosophy that have practical applications. Its goal is to help you understand the world better, so you can think and act more effectively.

Read Effectiviology

Get on Board Australia Blog

Get On Board Australia provides affordable formal education, tips, and advice to help new and aspiring company directors gain the skills to contribute meaningfully in the boardroom. It provides courses, coaching, blogs and a podcast.

Read the Get On Board Australia Blog

Govern Blog

The Govern blog is published by Govern for Impact, a non-profit community of practitioners, researchers and consultants acting for public benefit - promoting and developing advanced governance systems based on John Carver's Policy Governance® model.

Read the Govern Blog

Governinggood Blog

Governinggood provides information and resources useful to not-for-profit boards in Canada, including board dynamics, advocacy, organizational culture, board composition, and ethics.

Read the Governinggood Blog

The Savvy Director publishes this weekly blog on a wide range of governance-related topics, written by our co-founder Scott Baldwin.

Read The Savvy Director

Views from the Boardroom

The Views from the Boardroom blog is published by Women in the Boardroom, an organization that helps women get on boards with a step-by-step approach that includes a matching program, events, webinars and networking opportunities.

Read Views from the Boardroom


This section lists newsletters.


Athena Insights

The Athena Insights newsletter is published by The Athena Alliance, an organization that supports women in advancing into the C-suite or the boardroom, and helps boards and corporations to develop and retain their top talent through executive development programs.

Read Athena Insights

Betters Boards Newsletter

Better Boards helps directors of not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand to improve their own and their boards’ skills and knowledge. Their offerings include professional development, conferences, webinars and a newsletter.

Read the Better Boards Newsletter

Board Forward

Board Forward provides insights and information to volunteer board members. 

Read Board Forward

Director's Domain 

The Director's Domain newsletter is published by Boardspan, a company that provides services including director recruitment, board assessments, director compensation, and market intelligence. It publishes a newsletter called Director's Domain.

Read Director's Domain

Corporate Board Member Newsletter

Corporate Board Member is a resource for public company board education, providing access to governance experts, networking opportunities, and tools and resources to enhance director performance.

Read the Corporate Board Member Newsletter

Diligent Insights

Insights is published by Diligent, a provider of board portal software. Their website offers resources on topics relevant to board portals.

Read Diligent Insights

The Director's Dilemma

The Director’s Dilemma™ newsletter amplifies the power of directors and boards by providing a safe environment for testing their judgement using real-life scenarios. Each newsletter presents a case study based on real events together with at least three sample solutions from governance practitioners.

Read The Director's Dilemma

Directors & Boards Newsletter

Directors & Boards offers a journal, articles, and webinars  on leadership and corporate governance for board chairs, CEOs, senior management, and board members and advisers.

Read the Directors & Boards Newsletter

Private Company Director Newsletter

Private Company Director is for directors, owners, and advisers of family-owned, closely-held and private-equity owned businesses of all sizes, providing digital platforms, print magazines, and live events for directors, leaders and owners and executives.

Read the Private Company Director Newsletter


This section lists webcasts.


AABLI Board Talks

AABLI hosts Board Talks, an online series of interviews and discussions with African American professionals, board leaders and alumni. Viewers will find innovative ideas and solutions for people of color who want positive change in their communities.

Watch AABLI Board Talks

Corporate Board Member Webcast

Corporate Board Member is a resource for public company board education, providing access to governance experts, networking opportunities, and tools and resources to enhance director performance.

Watch Corporate Board Member Webcasts

Inside America's Boardrooms

The Inside America's Boardrooms series is produced by Diligent, a provider of board portal software. Their website offers resources on topics relevant to board portals.

Watch Inside America's Boardrooms

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