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Are you a fan of social media?  Here are some LinkedIn pages and Twitter feeds worth following to stay up-to-date on the latest thinking in the world of board governance.

Do you know of any social media feeds that could add value to our DirectorPrep community? Be sure to let us know.

Following governance experts and thought leaders on social media is a great way to stay on top of developing trends.



Here's a list of LinkedIn pages to follow. Just click on the logo to connect.


Australian Institute of Company Directors

This Institute includes directors and senior leaders from business, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Board Agenda

Board Agenda is a business journal and media channel focused on boardroom issues and governance trends shaping the role of directors.

Board Coaching to Excellence

BCTE is a network for entrepreneurs and board members with the aim of enhancing board efficiency.

Board Excellence

Board Excellence is an international board advisory practice that supports boards of all types, across all sectors and of all sizes .


BoardSource's mission is to support excellence in nonprofit governance and board and staff leadership.

Corporate Board Member

Corporate Board Member provides corporate leaders with the resources they need to add value to the boardroom.


Diligent’s goal is to turn governance into a competitive advantage through insight and secure, integrated applications.

Global Governance Advisors

GGA provides advisory services to maximize board performance, improve stakeholder communication, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Global Governance Institute

GGI is an international think tank drawing on the expertise of senior policymakers, consultants and scholars from the world's leading institutions.

Global Network of Director Institutes

GNDI is an international collaboration that shares expertise in corporate governance, promoting leading practices and enhancing director capability.

Governance Professionals of Canada

GPC is a professional organization advocating for the corporate governance community and enhancing the visibility and credibility of corporate secretaries.

Institute of Corporate Directors

The ICD is a resource for Canada’s directors and boards in the for-profit, not-for-profit and Crown sectors.

International Corporate Governance Network

ICGN is an organization of governance professionals with a mission to promote standards of corporate governance that advance economies worldwide.

Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation

The Johnston Centre is a home for research and resources about boards of directors and corporate governance.

National Association of Corporate Directors

NACD helps directors in public, private, and nonprofit companies navigate the business environment through education, research, and advisory services.

The New Director's Chair

This newsletter by Adam Bryant, Managing Director at Merryck & Co., features conversations with business leaders about changing board dynamics in an age of disruption.

Next Gen Board Leaders

Next Gen Board Leaders highlights the value of a younger generation of board members in emerging areas of board oversight.

Paul Smith (He/Him)

Paul Smith is founder of the Future Directors Institute, focusing on launching and accelerating board careers to make contributions in the boardroom.

Russell Reynolds

Russell Reynolds Associates is a global leadership advisory and search firm helping boards with their structure, culture and effectiveness.

Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart provides executive search and board advisory services, helping clients ranging from major multinationals to emerging companies to nonprofits.

Women Get On Board

Women Get On Board connects women to corporate boards through a community committed to advancing gender diversity in the boardroom.

Women on Boards

Women on Boards is a network that supports women on boards and advocates to improve gender balance and cultural diversity on boards.



Here's a list of Twitter sources to follow. Just click on the logo to connect.


30% Club

 A group of board chairs and CEOs committed to better gender balance through voluntary action. @30percentclub

Charity Governance Code

Good governance in charities enables and supports compliance with the law and relevant regulations. @CharityGovCode

Corporate Governance Bulletin

Corporate governance news consolidated into one stream. @CorpGovBulletin

Corporate Secreary

 Online publication, media and events for corporate secretaries, general counsel and governance professionals.  @CorpSecMag

Directors & Boards

The source for news and analysis on corporate governance, boards of directors, ESG, CEO pay, and related topics. @DirectorsBoards

Directors College

Canada’s original governance education program, a joint venture between The Conference Board of Canada and DeGroote Business. 

Estelle Metayer

Professional board member and speaker tracking strategic blind spots, governance trends, innovation, digital strategy, and competitive intelligence. 

Ethical Boardroom

A magazine and website delivering in-depth coverage and analysis of global corporate governance issues. 


A source of information about corporate governance world-wide from leading thinkers and practitioners in the field.  @_governance

Governing Good

Grant MacDonald, advocate for stronger nonprofits, focuses on practical ideas for boards and executive directors.  @GoverningGood

Harvard Corporate Governance Program

Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance, Lucian Bebchuk, Director.  @HarvardCorpGov

The Chartered Governance Institute

News and comment from The Chartered Governance Institute. All things governance, for everyone. 

Institute of Corporate Directors

With 15,000 members and a network of regional chapters, the ICD is the voice of Canadian directors.  @ICDCanada

James McRitchie

Enhancing democratic governance, accountability and returns since 1995.  @corpgovnet

National Association of Corporate Directors

The recognized authority in the USA on leading boardroom practices, NACD empowers directors to lead with confidence.  @NACD

Nasdaq Governance Solutions

Insights on best practices and trends in corporate governance, dedicated to providing value for governance professionals.  @NasdaqCorpGov

Society for Corporate Governance

Dealing with corporate governance, the board, committees, shareholders, annual meetings and other topics. @Society4CorpGov

Stanford Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Research Initiative, Stanford Graduate School of Business. Research by Professor David F. Larcker.  @StanfordCorpGov

Women Corporate Directors

A global membership organization and community of women corporate directors, with chapters around the world.  @WomenCorpDirs


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