How to Use / Ask Great Questions

"In the boardroom, just as in life, a good question can be a game changer."

- Anne Wallestad, President and CEO, BoardSource

One of the best ways that you, as a board director, can add value to your organization is by asking great questions. The concept is simple … better questions kickstart better conversations, which lead to more effective board meetings and, ultimately, better decisions.

That’s why is obsessed by questions. DirectorPrep’s searchable databank of great questions can help you find just the right questions you need for your upcoming meeting. The answers? Well, they will emerge from the discussions that follow – the discussions sparked by your questions.

How It Works

Once you are a member of DirectorPrep, simply login and you will have access to our database of questions. Click on a category in the dropdown menu, click on a tag in the tag cloud, or enter a search query to zero in on the questions that will help you kickstart the conversation.


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