Why DirectorPrep

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

- Alexander Graham Bell, scientist, engineer and inventor

We created DirectorPrep.com to meet the need for a resource hub dedicated to helping directors, like you, prepare for board meetings. At DirectorPrep.com our goal is to create an indispensable hub for board director preparation.

There are experts who provide advice and training to boards and committees, as well as books and other resources on board governance, structure, processes and compliance. But there is little available that is specifically designed for individual directors to prepare for their own role at the board table.

DirectorPrep.com is designed to help you get ready for your next board meeting. DirectorPrep.com is easy and convenient to use on the device of your choice, providing you with the ability to quickly find just the right question to engage your board in lively discussions. You’ll also find a common vocabulary of terms that crop up in your board material as well as access to all sorts of great resources.

You can learn more about the team behind DirectorPrep here.


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