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The DirectorPrep™ Resource Hub

You now have easy access to board resources all in one place. We’re talking about curated lists of podcasts, websites, blogs, books, social media and GNDI links.

Here’s why we did this for you.

Not long ago, we published a blog post called The Six Key Habits of The Savvy Director™. The very first key habit listed was Build Governance Skills.

I believe strongly that knowing and understanding the board’s role and directors’ responsibilities is an important attribute for effective board directors. You can't be a Savvy Director until you have a solid understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a board of directors, and of your own duties as a director.

The Resource Hub is designed to be useful for directors of all experience levels.


New and Aspiring Directors

I’ve done a lot of work with not-for-profits and spent a lot of time with first-time directors. I know how important it is for you to quickly grasp the fundamentals of board governance. You need to know how your board is structured and how it functions. You need a good grasp of what's expected of you and how you can contribute.

All of this is made easier with access to the right resources – resources to help you understand the board’s stewardship role and your responsibilities as a director.

That’s why we created the DirectorPrep Resource Hub, a collection of curated links gathered in one spot to support your governance journey. The Resource Hub provides you with quick and easy access to all sorts of great resources dedicated to the art of board governance – from books to blogs and everything in-between.


Experienced Directors

But the DirectorPrep Resource Hub is not just for new or aspiring directors. Savvy Directors understand that corporate governance is not a static topic. The role of the board continues to evolve as boards assume new responsibilities and are more proactively engaged in a broader spectrum of functions. Experienced directors are always learning. They need to stay on top of governance trends and how they could affect their board.

Experienced directors add value to their boards by sharing their wisdom. But wisdom is not just about longevity or time served. It’s about continuous improvement of our skill set, communicated in an effective way. 

"Sometimes, to fully wrap my mind around an issue, I need to quickly access "thought leadership". DirectorPrep's Resource Hub is a gateway, a portal of portals to quickly access a wide swath of information. It's a Swiss Army knife for the boardroom."
– Brian Hayward, C.DIR, ICD.D, Corporate Director and author of The Great Chair

The Resource Hub

Board directors, regardless of the depth and breadth of your experience, will find value in this one-stop-shop with quick access to up-to-date governance expertise and comprehensive resources.

The Resources page on the website is your window to a comprehensive list of governance-related resources. There’s something for everyone, regardless of how you like to consume your governance information.

Let’s take a short tour:

  • GNDI (Global Network of Director Institutes) - Links to director institutes across the globe.
  • Books – Links to books by leading governance influencers and director organizations.
  • Websites – Links to websites from organizations and individuals in the field of board governance, including a section focused on the not-for-profit sector and a section focused on aspiring directors and boardroom equity.
  • Podcasts – Links to podcasts relevant to board directors, from corporate governance to ESG to investor relations.
  • Blogs – Links to blogs, newsletters and webcasts to help keep you up=to-date on all things governance related.
  • Social Media – Links to LinkedIn pages and Twitter feeds worth following to stay up-to-date on the latest thinking in the world of board governance.


Let DirectorPrep be your guide.

While you are exploring the DirectorPrep website, please accept our offer of five of our most popular DirectorPrep guides, available for you to download at no charge. Just click here.


Your takeaways:

  • New directors need to quickly grasp the fundamentals of board governance.
  • Experienced directors need to stay on top of trends in board governance.
  • Whether aspiring, new or experienced, you can easily access information and expertise on the DirectorPrep Resource Hub.


Leave a comment below to get in on the conversation.

Thank you.


Scott Baldwin is a certified corporate director (ICD.D) and co-founder of – an online hub with hundreds of guideline questions and resources to help prepare for your next board meeting.

Share Your Insight: Do you have a favorite resource not listed in our Resource Hub? Please let us know.



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